Soleco Optimizer

Reduce energy costs

Protect the environment

Enjoy comfort

Always enough hot water, the house at a comfortable temperature and the electric car charged in time. Tailored to your personal needs.

Our optimizer solves these tasks reliably and cost-effectively for you with the latest technology.

The procurement of electricity from the grid is optimized with the weather forecast in terms of electricity tariffs, electricity yield from the photovoltaic system in interaction with the consumers.

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Functionality of the Soleco Optimizer

The latest generation energy management system which optimizes all your components, from the solar system to the heat pump to the electric car, and displays their condition (costs, ecology, self-consumption)

Simulation adapted to your building through individual physical models and web interface.

Thanks to the intelligent control, no intervention is necessary. The user only has to enter their requirements on the simple user interface (e.g. Desired charge level of the EV).

Open interfaces make it easy to connect new/additional components.

Cost-effective solution through remote maintenance around the clock.


Easy handling

Operation is simple and takes place via the web on a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

In addition to setting the default values ​​for the room temperature, only planned journeys with the electric vehicle (EV) are entered (time, distance) or the completion of a wash cycle or rinse cycle of your household appliances.

Various up-to-date graphical evaluations are available to the interested user at any time on the web.

Registered guests get access to a fully functional test facility.

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Soleco Optimizer Dashboard

Why Soleco and the Soleco Optimizer?

Experience in the overall planning, configuration, commissioning and operation of these renewable energy systems.

Minimizing costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

Forward-looking solution with leading control algorithm in cooperation with scientific partners.

Openness for the integration of components from leading manufacturers (PV, EV, WP, networks, etc.).

Reference installations in operation for years.

Soleco Optimizer is the energy management system from Soleco AG

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Soleco Optimizer is developed principally by Soleco with support from CSEM.

Soleco Optimizer contains software licensed by CSEM, Switzerland.